Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Play Ball!

Okay, I know most baseball fans have already celebrated Opening Day, but the Seattle Mariners have been on the road, so today is the Home Opener. Therefore, my kids are all in the proper attire and headed off to buy special Mariners' Home Opener school lunches.

I grew up an Oakland A's fan, but after six+ years in Bellevue, I have successfully transferred my allegiance. The Mariners' dismal performance last year only made me nostalgic for the equally dismal A's of my youth.

In any case, in honor of this fresh new baseball season: Children's Baseball Books.

* PECORINO PLAYS BALL by Alan Madison and AnnaLaura Cantone. This is ideal for elementary-school age kids because they get the jokes, of which there are many. Funniest of all are the jokes based on the kids' uniforms. Someone else noticed that they seem to make kids' uniforms mysteriously huge.

* ROASTED PEANUTS by Tim Egan. Nice friendship and we-each-have-our-particular-gift book.

Jonathan London and Frank Remkiewicz. We like Froggy in our house. Especially how he gets dressed: Zip! Zap! Zup!

And, a special (dis)honorable mention:

by Alex Rodriguez and Frank Morrison. Yes, that A-Rod. One of those you-can-do-it, kid-inspirational books. Don't worry--there are no banned substances or Madonna cameos.

If you've read some others, I'd love to know their titles.

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