Monday, May 11, 2009


Are any of your kids (or you) into all this anime business? One surefire way to start a fight in our household is for me to bring home the latest Avatar book from the library shelf, and even once they've settled on a reading order, if the winning reader goes for a bathroom break, s/he inevitably returns to find someone else reading the book, and the battle re-commences.

They read, watch, and collect Pokemon (sorry, can't do accent marks), Avatar, and now someone has recommended Naruto to them. Heaven forbid we run out of bones of contention.

Life was more peaceful in my childhood home because my sister was the big comic books reader, devouring Fantastic Four and The X-Men, along with the occasional spin-off, while I read my BETSY-TACY series and ALL-OF-A-KIND-FAMILY. I'd read the comics, sure, but peacefully, when my sister was done with them.

At least curvaceous babes don't seem to be the anime norm. It looks to me like oversized eyes are the thing. Eyes are the new boobs, as it were.

Anyhow, anime books, like comic books, aren't really designed for reading aloud with everyone nestled around, but we've found a happy compromise: the EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF ORDINARY BOY series by William Boniface. Mostly book with some comic book thrown in. This is the first book since HARRY POTTER where the kids groan and protest when I stop reading. Take that, WHEEL ON THE SCHOOL. Sigh.


  1. My daughter loves Pokemon, too. But now she's into Rick Riordan - he writes books that mix Greek mythology and modern day life - maybe your kids would like him, too. We saw him at Third Place Books in Bothell last weekend (we'd hoped to get his latest book autographed but the mob was enormous!). He was in Vancouver the day before where Disney is filming a movie about his first book "The Lightning Thief" - same director as the first two Harry Potter movies.

  2. I've got a copy of the first book but haven't read it yet. Too bad about the HP director--I didn't like an HP movie till PRISONER OF AZKABAN...

  3. What did you notice as differences? My husband and daughter always complain about the "new" Dumbledore so prefer the first two movies (nothing to do with the director, though!) Actually I mixed it up a little. Chris Columbus was the executive producer for the first two HP movies and producer for the third but is directing "Percy Jackson" (I mixed up the movie title, too!)