Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Should You Be Thirsty on a Raft in the Pacific

There's plenty more to say about the SCBWI Conference (see previous post), but I've chosen to preempt that with Important Survival Tips, should you be adrift on a raft in the ocean, awaiting rescue which may never come (did I mention I'm reading KON-TIKI by Thor Heyerdahl?).

  1. If your body is losing lots of salt through perspiration, and freshwater supplies are limited, you may dilute your ration with 20%-40% salt water. This will replenish the depleted salt in your body, conserve the fresh water, and slake your thirst. Feel free as well to take plenty of morning and evening dips in the possibly shark-infested waters to keep the skin cool.
  2. No need to starve to death, even if fish aren't constantly circling your raft or flipping up onto the raft itself, as Heyerdahl and his compadres experienced. They simply dragged a fine-mesh net behind the boat and trapped plankton. Toss out the phytoplankton, keep the zooplankton, and you're set. Heyerdahl compares the tiny micro-shrimp to "shrimp paste." Hey, it works for whales.
  3. To satisfy both hunger and thirst, should time be an issue, put a fish in a piece of cloth and just suck on it, raw. (This may have inspired that nasty baby product where you put any piece of food you're too lazy to cook and puree into this mini-bag and give it to the baby to suck on.)
  4. Don't harpoon whale sharks in the head. This ticks them off.
Hope this helped! The great thing about being an armchair survivor is that, should these dreadful things like being castaway, being swept away in an avalanche, finding myself in a blizzard, etc. ever happen to me, you won't catch me not knowing what to do.

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  1. This is exactly the info I need for when we go to the beach. I'm always worried about falling asleep on an inflatable raft and drifting out into the open ocean. Now (as long as I have some raw fish and a rag) no worries!

    Also as soon as your book arrives in the mail it will move to the top of the list of 15 (or however many).