Friday, May 15, 2009


It turns out the film LOST IN AUSTEN is three hours long--I neglected to notice this. Who knew I was signing up for something of GONE WITH THE WIND and THE LAST EMPEROR proportions? Maybe it was a nod to the length of the 1990s BBC version of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE because it's filmed, tongue-in-cheek, in exactly the same locations (Bennets' house, Netherfield Park, Pemberley).

Anyhow, having watched three 1.25-hour installments so far, I stand by my enthusiastic recommendation. We have all loved books so much that the characters take on a life of their own, and Austen's well-rounded ones stand up to exactly this question. What are some of their underlying motivations? How would they behave if circumstances didn't work out so neatly as in the book? Bingley is a wonderful case in point--what happens if there's no loving author around to save him from the weaknesses in his own character? And Lydia--was it really Wickham that made her so naughty, or did she have the potential to trash her life in any case, and he just happened to be handy?

And, for all you lovers of the Colin-Firth-wet-shirt scene, there is a hilarious nod to it.

Can't wait to get the kids in bed tonight and finish this movie off!

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