Friday, July 31, 2009

Pitchers' Duel

Quickly now, because I have to work on my own pitch before I head off to Day Two of the PNWA Conference in scenic Seatac: consider the following pitches I heard from writers yesterday. I'd love to see if you can guess which one (so far) has sold and is being made into a movie! My apologies to anyone's pitch which I get wrong or express lamely.

1. The hard-knock life of a miniature schnauzer, from the schnauzer's point of view. He goes from all the way from being a treasured champion dog, to being an appreciated rat-catcher on a farm, to being a neglected mutt chained to a camper and beaten regularly. Then a dog rescue operation buys and rehabilitates him, and he goes to live with a nice elderly couple. (I call this CALL OF THE WILD meets BLACK BEAUTY meets THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN.)

2. A 17-year-old boy inherits a house full of demons that he has to manage (i.e., keep the demons inside the house). What he really wants to do is go on a date. Meanwhile, a young librarian's asst gets razzed about never dating, so she agrees to date the very next person who asks. It's demon-keeping boy, and they go out. While they're out, demons escape, delinquents break into the house, and mayhem ensues.

3. Four people are found murdered in the Seattle area within two days, and Detective has just a short period of time to determine if the murders are related. They're all connected by water somehow, and maritime Rolex watches. The Feds are trying to take the case away, and locals suspect a cover-up. Story and possible conspiracy expand to include Cuba, failed missions, Gitmo, and possibly Pres. Clinton himself!

4. A girl conceived in vitro and adopted to another family gets sent to an elite boarding school in California. What she wants most is to find her biological family. When her in vitro brother turns up at the same school and falls for her, she has to choose between revealing herself and possibly gaining a family or keeping quiet and gaining a boyfriend.

Okay, off to practice! Let me know if you can guess.

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