Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here's a Good One For You

Many thanks to Open Door Church of Mountain View for hosting Cass and me at their kick-off night for Mothers Together, a group which was a lifeline for me at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, when I was clueless with a new baby. (Now I'm clueless with three elementary-age kids.) Lovely setting, lovely women, and luscious baked goods. All the advice on marketing one's book doesn't mention what fun it can be, although there was a scary moment when I showed up at the wrong venue and thought NO ONE had come, not even the organizers.

Must say, it's eye-opening to read for a group made up almost entirely of strangers. A little bit like that Jay Buehner Mariners commercial where he plays an unsuccessful stand-up comedian ( Okay, not quite that awkward, but still--! Note to self: plant some friendly faces at the University Book Store Bellevue gig, or it could be a very long evening. Or bring a laugh track. 2nd note to self: wouldn't it be great if they marketed a laugh-track whoopee cushion? Whenever I was reading a joke, I could just subtly shift around in my seat, and raucous, infectious laughter would erupt. Of course, your standard whoopee cushion would also have that effect, and who could I get to keep blowing the thing up between jokes? Do I have a friend that loyal or long-winded?

Any volunteers?

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  1. I'm glad the event went well--wish I could be there at the U. Bookstore one!