Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Note to Self: Sign Up for Drawing

I've figured out the gift I wish I had: illustration.

A friend has commissioned a children's picture book from me (the writing part of it, clearly), and I'm finding it rather frustrating to do only half a book. You could even argue that the illustrations in a children's picture book are 75%, since most picture books can survive a somewhat lame story if the pictures are glorious.

Illustrators also make BANK. I'm talking $150 per illustration, if the illustrator is under the age of 7 and still doing stick figures, up to $500+ per illustration if the person actually has credits on the resume. MARGO AND THE MAGIC CUPCAKES will require upwards of 27 illustrations. Meaning, a low end of $4,050 for the 7-year-old to put in his 529, and up to $13,500 for an adult who has done more than line drawings of her immediate family. Sigh.

Any illustrators out there? Willing to do line drawings and be low-balled to get your name out there? Then you too can charge $300 per illustration on your next book...

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