Sunday, November 1, 2009

10,000 Hours, Here I Come

Just finished Malcolm Gladwell's OUTLIERS: THE STORY OF SUCCESS--I know, I know, I might be the last person on the planet to do so, but I tend to be an outlier when it comes to readings books on the front curve of the bestselling wave.

Every book should be boiled down to a couple points which may or may not accurately reflect what the author intended. For OUTLIERS, I gleaned the following:
1) It takes 10,000 hours of devoted work at something to become great at it. Looking back over my life, I now recognize why I am unequalled at (a) eating; (b) daydreaming; and, (c) thinking about myself. Just try and take me on in any of those categories--I dare you.

2) My occasional lapses in math wizardry can be traced to my lifelong preference for noodles over rice.

3) The reason the FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS, Season Two, episode featuring the Prime Minister of New Zealand is so hilarious is because New Zealand is a culture with a low Power Distance Index.

And finally, I wish there were two of me (see point 1). It would be fun to have someone with whom to discuss such a great book. As it is, I send this off into the this book! Send me a comment when you do! Don't you wonder why Malcolm Gladwell looks so ethnically unplaceable? He explains in this book!

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