Sunday, November 8, 2009

Literary Night 2009

This is your heads-up if you live in Western Washington and you're looking for a wild party activity this Friday night. Scott and I will be hosting our church's 7th Annual Literary Night at 7:00p.m. And, heads up to the heads-up--if you need childcare, you have to reserve by Tues 11/9.

Our theme this year is Coming of Age, and we're focusing on THE ODYSSEY, GREAT EXPECTATIONS, HUCKLEBERRY FINN, and JANE EYRE. Mostly 19th century, but we can't talk about HARRY POTTER every year, for Pete's sake. There might also be a film clip or two. If you've never come before, Scott and I do some reading, some talking, some Q&A.

Beware, you will be hit up for a freewill donation to support the church library because our copies of LEFT BEHIND are wearing out--har har.

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