Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2010, Here I Come!

No promises, but I think this will be my last post of 2009. The kids are on break, the holidays are upon us, and we're headed out of town for a spell. Things can get simultaneously slow and crazy at my mother's, however, so I might just hide out and post from California before all is said and done.

Publishing my own book has a been a grand adventure this year, and again I thank you all, my readers, for your support. Thanks for buying, reading, passing it on, being hounded into coming to my events, and putting up with my preoccupation. Speaking of which, I redid BellaVita Press's website, because you know it needs work if you HOPE people don't look at it!

We'll see what happens in 2010, which might be an adventurous year for a different reason: Washington State Department of Revenue sent me my first tax form, due end of January, full of mysterious boxes where I can put down things like deductions for "Sales of Feed to Fish Farmers" (perhaps in a metaphorical, biblical sense?) or "Purebred Livestock for Breeding" or "Sales to Indians with Delivery on the Reservation." Huh? If I get it wrong, do come visit me in jail.

If I'm not incarcerated, I've got big plans for 2010, which I'll prose on about in great detail as we get closer:
  • Seattle U's Search for Meaning: Pacific NW Spirituality Book Festival on Saturday, Feb 13. I'll be presenting on "Not So Neat and Tidy: Fiction, Faith and F-Bombs," plus doing some reading and book signing. Lots to say about this--Shakespeare and pop culture and being relevant as a writer and person of faith.
  • Breaking into bookstores in Eastern Washington. Why should Sarah Palin have all the fun? Ah...that Bermuda Triangle of Richland, Dayton, and Walla Walla, Washington...
  • Continuing to appear at local book clubs. I've just scheduled one for September, 2010. When will I be coming to yours?
  • Publishing BellaVita's first children's book, MIA AND THE MAGIC CUPCAKES. It's with the illustrator now. Keep your fingers crossed.
  • Finishing the sequel to MOURNING BECOMES CASSANDRA. I'm approaching halfway and beginning to think it might be okay.
  • Finishing my IVF twins book. I've been on hiatus for a few months now but wanting to get back to it.
  • And, my last goal (that I can think of at the moment): making MBC available for other e-readers and Google Books.
Whew. Now you see why I'm going on vacation, blogging-wise. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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