Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here Go Ten Minutes

Okay, I vowed I would do some writing today because I haven't for a couple weeks. So after revising Chapter 4 of my unnamed sequel for twenty minutes, I'm ducking out again. Really, I'm approaching halfway done, if I'm not already there (on the whole dinged book), but there are so many distractions!

  1. I know this site has been around forever (in cyberspace terms), but I finally got on because I was reading the publishing industry's eulogies for Kirkus Reviews--which now claims it's got a few more gasps left in it--and one commenter said she didn't read the professional reviews anymore. She just checked it out on Goodreads. Hmmm...Wondering if you readers tend to go with the professional blurbs, Amazon, Goodreads, or friends' recommendations. It's always a bonus to find like-minded readers, so you know whether or not you'll agree with their reviews. I just joined a group on Goodreads called "Madam, Want to Talk about Author Mary Stewart?" because I figure they have potential.
  2. The avalanche of e-readers threatening to bury us. The publishing industry is also abuzz with the many, many e-readers launching in 2010 to challenge the Kindle. The Kindle, which already had some wringing their hands because the pricing didn't allow everyone to get a big enough piece of the pie. I haven't spent much time weeping over the publishing industry because I opted out, but I remain very interested in the whole electronic thing. MOURNING BECOMES CASSANDRA is already available on Kindle, and I'm in process with the Google Books version and queued up with Barnes & Noble. For the forseeable future I'll always want a printed, physical copy of my book(s), and I'll print some up for others without e-readers, but it certainly is terribly expensive. Had I sold every copy of MBC as a Kindle version, I would have been able to take that dream cruise to Antarctica now, even with the cut Amazon takes. As it is, I'm in the black but will have to dig into the savings to bring out the next one.
  3. My cholesterol. For the first time it's approaching the Highway to the Danger Zone, and I really ought to take more walks.
  4. Rock Band. Got it for Christmas and played plenty down in California, so it's irritating to come back up here and find that we have hardly any songs and have to start over. My avatar couldn't even afford the hoodie I wanted her to have, so I had to play a whole bunch after I sent the kids to bed to get money for the hoodie. Plus, the microphone was defective, and I had to sort that out. Plus plus, I now have a blister from drumming.
Okay, the ten minutes are up (and then some). Back to writing.

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  1. Love your posts, Christina! The part about Rock Band is too funny. It will be a long time before I resort to an e-reader, I suspect, so I am glad you are still planning to put your books out in hard copy for a while.