Monday, May 17, 2010

Ten-Finger Discount on THE LITTLEST DOUBTS

My high school boyfriend used to refer to shoplifting as the "five-finger discount." Which is not to say he was a thief, just that he must have had some friends who were. Oh, and he somehow was always giving me really nice gifts that I couldn't show anyone.

Anyhow, I wouldn't encourage any of you to employ the five-finger discount on my book, since I have to pony up to print them myself, besides which it's totally illegal, but I did want to offer you the possibility of a ten-finger discount. Yes! Put your ten fingers to a good use and I'll throw your name in a hat to get a free copy of THE LITTLEST DOUBTS next week!

No purchase necessary (if you read MOURNING BECOMES CASSANDRA at the library or borrowed a friend's copy) and Countless Ways to Win:

1. Write an Amazon review for MBC. It only takes a sec and can be as short as a sentence (and a star rating), and you can even use a pseudonym if you always wished and wished your parents had named you "Bunny Hatchet" or, say, "The New York Times." (Note: if you loathed MBC and would only give it a 2- or 1-star rating, then please refrain from posting a review. Although I am wondering, in that case, why you're reading this blog post or why you would be interested in a free copy of the probably-equally-loathsome-to-your-taste THE LITTLEST DOUBTS.)

2. Write a Goodreads or Shelfari review for MBC. You have to be a member of these sites to do so and use your actual user name, but otherwise the same rules apply.

3. Start or contribute to a discussion thread and mention MBC. You could start a discussion thread on Amazon or or Goodreads or any other book site. Or contribute to an ongoing discussion with a little, "Did I mention my favorite beach read from last summer? It's on sale on Kindle right now for $2.99 and the sequel comes out next week!!!"

4. Review MBC on your blog. Check this post, for example (scroll down to "The Cass Collection") or this one.

5. Throw a book party for friends and neighbors, or have your book club host me.

5. Strip down, use body paint to adorn yourself with a copy of my book covers, and streak through your town, getting yourself on the evening news. For this option I'm going to go ahead and say you get a free copy, flat out.

And the contest FAQ:
Can I enter more than once? Of course. Knock yourself out. Streak naked through two towns, if you like.

How will you know if I've done anything? Shoot me an email at or put the link in the comments here.

What if I've already written you a review or done your book in my book club or streaked naked through town? Do I get credit? Yeah, baby!

How come I haven't received my book launch party evite yet? Check last week's post for dates and times. I might just need your email, or your email might have thrown the evite in the trash.

Why is the Kindle edition of MBC on sale for $2.99 but not the paperback? Because Amazon charges me an arm and a leg to sell there, and I have to pay shipping to them. If you want a discounted paperback, I'll have them at my launch parties.

Thanks for your help and good luck!


  1. Lauren Enkema BishopMay 17, 2010 at 11:08 AM

    Christina, I just posted a review for MBC on Amazon. I am so very excited to read The Littlest Doubts! Congratulations!

  2. My European instincts where leading me to do the number 5, but being a pastor's wife, in a small town, restrains me to show myself dressed like Eve on the evening news! :)