Monday, March 28, 2011

And Now for Something Completely Different

Once again I break the lengthening silence, but this time with thrilling news! I have completed the rough draft of my latest novel and am getting the ball rolling with the dear, dear folks at Gorham Printing. Not to mention, I've been on the email and phone hounding my critique group to drop everything related to their everyday lives and READ MY BOOK.

Recent book clubs and events which have hosted me already know that Everliving is a ghost story. Uh-huh. A ghost story. I would tag it General Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, and Paranormal Romance. The news that Everliving is not the third book in the Cass & Friends series will no doubt disappoint some, so in the interests of full disclosure, I've drawn up a pro and con list about the thing. Given my widely disparate reader base, however, one person's pro is probably another person's con. Better go with a Pro/Con list.

First, the not-yet-polished pitch: "Ben Platt takes a bad fall and wakes up in a former logging town where, a century earlier, the mill manager's beautiful wife went missing. Everyone has their theory for why Daphne Lindstrom disappeared, but soon Ben is more worried about why she has reappeared. To him."

  1. Not a single F-bomb in the entire thing.

  2. Not classifiable as "Christian Fiction." Meaning readers may recommend it to their heathen friends with neither agenda nor apology (unless their friends find ghost stories offensive).
  3. Everliving is not a horror book, despite the paranormal element. If the ghost story spectrum runs from Charming/Cuddly (think The Ghost and Mrs. Muir or Casper, the Friendly Ghost) to So-Scary-You-Have-to-Read-It-in-Broad-Daylight-While-Surrounded-by-People (say, The Others or The Shining), my story is definitely on the cuddlier end.
  4. My first critiquer to finish asked if I couldn't make one scene "a little steamier." I could.

That's it! I'm hoping for another June release, my devoted readers!


  1. Bring it on! Sounds right up my alley -- love romance (including tasteful steaminess), elements of time travel, and ghost stories. Bonus that there are no "F" bombs but in the scheme of things, even the occasional swear words don't really bother me!

  2. 2b. Not a beach read? Anyhow, sounds interesting. Looking forward to it.

  3. Hey, Lois. It's absolutely a beach read! My specialty, after all. :)