Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Daniel Darko

Hard-to-find pic of the guy with his clothes on
In my ongoing book-club-crashing adventures I met with several firsts last night:

  1. The first time I got to visit a book club in a downtown Bellevue high-rise. What a view! Eddie Bauer sign and Lincoln Square, you never looked so good. (Thank you, Wanda, for hosting.) Some future character of mine may need to enjoy digs like these.

  2. For the how-would-you-cast-it question, handsome Mario Lopez got his first nomination as Daniel. I'd never heard of him, but the man could make a career of doing naked-torso-shots for books such as this one (btw, this Unbroken is not the one I loved and went on and on about, though, not having read this one, it might be a wondrous story in its own right). In the same vein, Amy Adams got her first nod as Cass, as did Katie Holmes. For stars such as these, this news would probably be right up there with an Academy Award.

  3. Wanda's was the first book club I encountered that chose its reads by font size. "Very big print with not many pages at Christmas, and then really small print and long for summer." Absolutely brilliant. Mourning Becomes Cassandra was judged to have just the right print size and margins, and I was advised not to shrink the font and squeeze the margins on my next book just to save a few bucks. (Ahem--not that such a thought had occurred to me and I was bringing it up and polling them or anything...)

  4. They were the first book club to ask me to do a reading!  And, lastly,

  5. They were the first book club to attempt using my credit-card reader app to buy books. (It totally failed.) My apologies again, and I realized when I got home that I should have just sent the books home with you and had you mail me a check later. Duh. Sorry again. Seriously, just give University Book Store a call and they'll ship it to you for free, plus--bonus--I think all their copies are signed. (Toll Free: 1.888.335.7323)
As I told the ladies last night, visiting with readers is hands-down my favorite part of all this book-writing business--besides writing the things. If all my readers are so pleasant, warm, funny, and well-read, this must clearly be something to do with me, right? Right. I'm going with it.

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  1. Oh my, looks like this book club knows their stuff. Glad the kids weren't around when I clicked on the Mario Lopez link. And fun to see my recent message on the other Unbroken made it to your blog ;-).