Tuesday, June 7, 2011

O What a Night!

Thanks, devoted friends and readers, for another fun evening together. I so appreciate you all coming out in this busy time. Your support and encouragement are the bestest!
Your smiling faces in Margo's gorgeous home!

I'm happy to report that everyone managed to stay awake during the reading (though that could have been because of the dog wandering around, providing visual interest). Reader and soon-to-be-author Delaney reports that, according her biology professors, I'm allowed to pronounce the Latin scientific names in Everliving however the heck I want because no one is positive what they should sound like anyhow. What a relief!

Special thanks to Margo for hosting and supplying us with her luscious cupcakes and slave laborers--I mean, children. Thanks as well to Janet and Jennifer for checking folks in and managing logistical details. XOXO. Coco, good idea on the extra wine, you firecracker, you.
Sitting on my behind while others do the hard work

I was amazed to see the number of you who already own ereaders like Kindles or Nooks, armed and ready for whichever of my next works-in-progress I manage to take beyond Chapter 6. We'll have to figure out how to keep book parties alive in the ebook era. Maybe I could sign your foreheads.

And I wish there were a way to get us all in a room afterward so I could hear how this total-departure-from-my-previous-works went for you. I'll just have to sit holding my breath until those Amazon and Goodreads reviews roll in. Har har. So far, two people on Goodreads have given it 3 stars (or less), which is bizarre, considering they haven't read it. Maybe the title and cover struck them as kinda meh...

In any case, thanks again for a great evening and for your encouragement and support. I'm still loving your book clubs, so keep inviting me to horn in on your food!

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  1. Miss being able to come! Can't wait to read it.