Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some Fireworks and a Few Duds

My patented pen-grip
Many thanks to those who turned out for my first-ever book launch party in Eastern Washington, and to my extremely loveable in-laws for hosting. Very interesting to see the ratio of physical-book to Kindle readers over there. On our side of the mountains we are somewhere between 25-40% ownership of e-readers, but only one of the 16 attendees in Richland had one. Small sample size, yes, but clearly I need to continue offering future works as physical books for the near future.

It's been a while since I posted on the fate of Everliving. My shift from quasi-Christian-fiction to paranormal romance threw a few people. Two readers told me they had difficulty suspending belief when it came to a ghost; another reported that she was reading the book only because I had written it, but it really wasn't her cup of tea. (She recommended I try whipping out a frothy book set in the Scottish Highlands. I don't currently have one in the works, but never say never.)

For those who don't mind a few things that go bump in the night, however, the response has been positive. The UW Bookstore recently selected Everliving as a Staff Favorite! For your delectation, I include the full review:
Can a ghost story be both spooky and romantic? When that ghost story is written by Bellevue author Christina Dudley, it certainly can be. With her remarkable talent in evoking a sense of place and creating atmosphere, Dudley spins an absorbing tale of lost love, mystery, and paranormal longing set amongst the towering giants of the forest and populated by a rich cast of characters, both living and dead. Her informative descriptions of trees, forests, and redwood canopies are entertaining and never dull or pedantic, and prompt even an acrophobe like me to consider roping up and viewing the world from above. I know that the next time I’m hiking through the forest, Everliving will certainly have me appreciating the trees… and also peering into the mist. -A.M.
 And in the you-learn-something-new-every-day category, it's come to my attention that people yet exist who have never ever ordered a single thing on Amazon. Yes, blog reader, I speak truth. How do I know? Because at least three people have told me they wanted to leave an Amazon review, but that meant first they'd have to buy something (i.e., have an Amazon account). If it's 2011 and they have not yet done so, I'm not holding my breath. Too bad, though, because they had great reviews:

  • "A page-turner--perfect summer reading." - R. W.
  • "Absolutely fantastic! I was hooked right away, and I loved how all of your characters were so real." - D. B.
  • "LOVED it! The perfect amount of suspense and eerie to keep you glued up front (without scaring you to death...but enough teeth that I couldn't read it at night), and then you're so hooked on the relationship between Ben and Daphne that you just can't stop reading..." - K. F.

As always, you can find my books at the UW bookstore, from which they'll ship and gift wrap for free (1.888.335.7323) or on Amazon or the Barnes & Noble Nook.

In the Special Events department, catch me at Creative Mom Toys at the Landing in Renton on Wednesday, July 20, 10:30a for a Mia and the Magic Cupcakes reading. Very cool store with unique, quality toys and books. Despite being a Mia event, I'll have my other books with me, as always, which I'll be happy to sell like crack out of the back of my van.

Thanks for checking in!

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