Tuesday, August 30, 2011

End-of-Summer Denial

We interrupt this Mansfield Park book club to share a picture a reader sent me with the note: "one christina book for the summer is never enough...had to re-read "littlest doubts". so so good."

Love it! Both the sentiment and the picture. 

I've been in California the past week, with limited (i.e., only on my phone's tiny screen) internet access and am now off for a few more days in eastern WA, so more has to wait, but book ideas are burning a hole in my brain! Really, really hope our school district doesn't strike...

Two P.S.es: on the long drive we listened to 2.3 books on tape. While I love the book Seabiscuit almost as much as Hillenbrand's follow-up Unbroken, let me just say that the audio Seabiscuit is phenomenal. Thrilling and moving and funny. If you have, oh, say, twelve hours of driving on your hands, let me recommend it.

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