Wednesday, September 21, 2011

For a Good Time, Click

First off, let me invite you to my book signings at University Book Store. I do hope you'll be able to come, faithful readers, if only to occupy a chair and eat one of my cookies. I am well aware many of you have already read Everliving and probably also heard me read from it, but do feel free to invite a friend and to shop my most favorite of book stores for something else you might like!
I'm thinking we'll run to a nearby restaurant for a drink and snack afterward, for you after-partiers...

Tuesday, October 4, 6:00P : University Book Store in BELLEVUE
990 102nd Ave NE (across from QFC)
Bellevue, WA 98004


Thursday, October 6, 7:00P : University Book Store in MILL CREEK
Mill Creek Town Center
15311 Main Street
Mill Creek, WA 98012

The folks at the UW bookstores have ever been gracious and helpful. I've been in their back storeroom, and believe me, I've yet to see a griping poster like the one from embittered former Borders employees making the Twitter rounds:
(Click the link if this is too itty-bitty for you)
 One bonus of being a self-published author whom few have ever heard of is that you don't make lists like these! You also don't run into stacks of your beloved work at a Borders' going-out-of-business sale, where no one wants to buy it, even at 40+% off! Sniff.

Speaking of bookstores going out of business, there have been rumors of Amazon starting up a Kindle subscription service. Unlimited reading for a monthly flat fee, a la Netflix. Err--Qwikster. Whatever. Kindle has also joined Nook in allowing library lending. I've checked several titles of bestsellers at King County Library System and don't see any "Send to Kindle" option, but I'll check up next time I'm in. One thing I know they will very soon carry is Mia and the Magic Cupcakes! Just Monday I shipped their processor five copies. Hip hip hooray!

Meanwhile, if you're a bookstore (and library) lover like I'm (as Foghorn Leghorn would say) and the last few paragraphs of this post disturbed and saddened you, come hang out with me at the bestest independent bookstores in the West! Free gift-wrapping and shipping--and, seriously, when's the last time your Kindle or Nook did that for you?

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