Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How do you classify yourself as a reader?

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As my beta readers plow through The Beresfords, it's time for me to make some marketing and publishing decisions. Up to now, I've always offered both print and ebook editions of my works (except for Mia and the Magic Cupcakes, which is hardcover only). Relative to ebook versions, print editions are more expensive to design (need a spine, back cover, and text formatting), produce, and distribute, but I know some of you are very devoted to physical books. I myself feel wistful at the thought of not holding a weighty, beautiful copy of The Beresfords in my eager hands.

So I thought I'd ask--should I go ahead with a physical edition or not? It would be odd to have launch parties with nothing to sign--would we all hit "Buy Now" at the same time? But on the other hand, I'd love to save you money if I can.

Check out the Poll to the right there. Would you do me the kindness of clicking a box? You may click more than one, if you're one of those folks who would buy a book two ways. Or maybe I could figure out how to "gift" an ebook edition, if you already purchased the print one. Research...

Thanks, folks. And please, I welcome comments! Why did you choose what you chose? If you have an e-reader, what percentage of books do you read on it?

I have a Kindle and use it mainly for free classics, library books, and galley reviews. Love it. It probably amounts to 40% of my reading.


  1. Basically I'm old and blind and love the ability to change the font size on the Kindle... :)

  2. I don't yet own a Kindle, but even if I did, I don't know how you would autograph a Kindle copy of your book for me!

  3. While I still prefer a physical book, the Kindle is more practical now. I've got your last 2 books on Kindle. If a book preview looks interesting, I can download it immediately rather than wait for someone to bring over to Cambodia. And instead of weighing down my luggage with books, I can just pack the Kindle when traveling. I still buy physical books when they aren't available on Kindle or they are a better price (used or on sale) or I think I may want to share with others.

  4. Thanks for replies! I do like the font sizing feature and travel portability. Surprised at the poll results so far--I would have thought people who tend to be on FB and reading blogs would be e-reader types (you notwithstanding, Marie).

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  5. I read some stuff on iBook on my iPad, but I'd like a physical copy of your book!

  6. I do not own an ereader. Hubby has a Kindle so if you don't make a hard copy, I would have to fight him for time on his to read your book. But, I would rather have a physical copy. I am happy to read in your blog that there are library options for the Kindle. We talked about getting one for the crazy reader in our house as a birthday present, but she reads mostly from the library unless she gets gift cards from family and friends. I could not afford new books with the amount she reads.

  7. I read most of my books on my Kindle but your books I like to have a hard copy to read so that you can autograph them for me, they are special therefore they need a place on my bookshelf!
    Tara M.