Monday, May 7, 2012

Frannie and the Great World

Just some of the famous readers
Thanks to all ladies who turned out for The Beresfords' first launch party! It was a lovely afternoon together--good food and good fun--all in the beautiful setting of Margo's house. Speaking of Margo, take a good look at her on the far right of the picture so you can say, "I knew her when. I ate her cupcakes. I sat on her chairs. Yeah, we go way back"--because the last guests right before us book-launchers happened to be a television crew, there to film a possible reality-tv show pilot. Uh-huh. Will it fly? We'll see, but you've been warned. In the pic you might also recognize (1) a germ-fighting nurse; (2) a kickbox instructor; (3) a champion sailor and First-to-Finish winner of last year's Vic-Maui race. And then--wait a second--I think I spot noted debut YA author Delaney Berggren, whose tale Breakers just landed on Planet Earth a short while ago!

My fabulous checkers-in
Book launches are team efforts, and I deeply appreciate all who helped make it a go--hosts, checkers-in, food-providers, heavy-lifters, and of course my faithful readers. Thank you so much. Getting together with you all--at parties, at book clubs, online--is really the best part of writing. That, and watching characters come to life because other eyes than mine are seeing them.
Me, having issues--check out the patented pen-grip

Despite my ergonomic pen-grip, I wrote some oddball things in your books. For one thing, I didn't seem to be able to form exclamation points. They all came out as almost-question-marks. As in, "Thank you for your friendship?" and "Thank you for reading?" and "Happy summer reading?" No wonder Suzanne Collins resorted to a signature stamp when my 12YO went to her Hunger Games book "signing"! With her gabillion copies to "sign," that would have been a lot of "May the odds be ever in your favor?"

Two church "librarians" I haven't yet alienated
Since I seem to have Young Adult books on the brain, I'm happy to report that The Beresfords is probably the most YA- and church-library-acceptable book I've written to date. Frannie does witness one--ahem!--interaction of an R-rated nature, but it's light on the details. You never know, though--there was one church librarian who objected to the scene in Mourning Becomes Cassandra where Daniel's adventures interrupt Cass's scrubbing routine, so, again, be warned. But I can assure you, there is not one single ghost (as in Everliving) or one single F-bomb (as in Mourning and The Littlest Doubts). There are, however, several references to high-calorie foods (as in Mia and the Magic Cupcakes).

Reading Chapter One and thinking I really shouldn't have used the word "detritus"
Now that I've given you all the caveats, I do hope you enjoy the book. And don't worry if you missed the party--there will be others this summer, and, if you miss all those, too, there's always my next book!


  1. The book launch was wonderful Christina. I'll admit that I didn't know that's how you pronounce "that word" either - that's what we readers get. We only ever pronounce the words in our heads and never actually hear them... My only reason now for not immediately starting "The Beresfords" is that even as you were reading the first chapter I could hear "Mansfield Park" running in my head. So, now I'm re-reading it before starting "The Beresfords". Thanks for driving me back to Jane Austen! I'll get to "The Beresfords" soon, I promise.

  2. Thank you Margo and Christina. What a joy to have Christina share a tantalizing chapter of The Beresfords to get us started. Being with a group of women who love to read and look for stories of redemption in literature is a joy. Plus, I won a prize!!!

    Can't wait to continue reading, and congratulations Christina!

  3. Yay for re-reading Austen! It's not necessary for THE BERESFORDS, but I think it adds a dimension. I'd love to talk to someone who's read both, and see what they think of my "interpretation."

    As for winning prizes, both of you ladies did. Hooray!