Friday, November 1, 2013

Fashion Forward Launch Party Suggestions

Hey, all! Look what I see on eBay today (and I apologize for the blurry pics. Better blurry than tiny!):

Would that be awesome for The Naturalist launch party, or what? Kind of Joan Collins meets Jane Austen. Sadly, it's currently at a bid of $98. Or you could come as a hoedown-Regency-debutante mash-up, in homage to the slew of Jane Austen mash-ups:

Then there's this hot little number:

$30 to Buy It Now, and this one is the closest to the real style.

And this sweet one reminds me of my book's heroine, as Alice wears yellow at the Midsummer Ball:

One final fashion-forward suggestion:

The Naturalist is set in the summer of 1808, so this gown could be Summer of Love meets the summer of love.

Got my long gloves in the mail yesterday, so I am approaching set! For those of you who dread the idea of costumes, have no fear. Come in jeans, if you like--although we may make you be a gentleman during the country dance lesson.

Next week I hope to whip up a test batch of orgeat syrup for our party lemonade. Found this lovely post on the stuff, for your reading pleasure. I hope to meet with Margo soon, to plan what other refreshments we will have at our Assembly Ball. As for the books themselves, my printer assures me they'll be ready, and I've been hard at work lining up the Kindle, Nook, and Kobo versions, as well as the Amazon paperback. Whew! If I remember, I'll bring my copy of the cover to this Friday's Literary Night, so you can take a sneak peek.

Looking forward to the pleasure of your company on November 15th...

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