Friday, May 30, 2014

The Skipper, The Orgeat, and A Very Plain Young Man

Launch Numero Uno of A Very Plain Young Man is history. (Stay tuned for Launch Numero Due at University Book Store Bellevue on Saturday, June 28, at 5:00 p.m.)

A special thank-you, as ever, to Ms. Margo Engberg, proprietor of the Engberg Assembly Rooms, as well as of the scrumdillyumptious Pinkabella Cupcakes, of which these below made a representative appearance:

Yes, they taste as good as they look.

Q: Is A Very Plain Young Man available on Kindle and Nook?
A: Yup. Click here for Kindle or here for Nook. Tell them the Bone sent you. (Inside joke for fellow Mariners fans--the few, the proud.)

Q. Can I get the recipe for orgeat lemonade?
A: You've come to the right place. Here is my proprietary recipe, gleaned and massaged from other internet research:

Orgeat Lemonade (serves many and can be doubled)
Behold the ingredients:
Syrup ingredients:
1 box unsweetened almond milk
14 ozs sugar
1/2 tsp (generous) almond extract
1/4 tsp orange extract
19.5 ozs lemon juice

Bottle of club soda, chilled

Combine syrup ingredients in a large pitcher, stirring to dissolve the truckload of sugar. To make a serving, put a few ice cubes in a cup. Measure out approximately 2.7-3 ozs of the syrup mixture and pour over the ice. Fill the cup the rest of the way with club soda.

You'll notice in VPYM that Elfrida is found at various times partaking of lemonade or orgeat. Now you can sip right alongside her!

Q: What was the name of the dance we learned?
A: That would be Auretti's Dutch Skipper. As mentioned in previous posts, look for it on YouTube or in the Gwyneth Paltrow Emma at 1 hour, 18 minutes in.

My not-exactly-period '60s maxidress that I got for $16!
Second corner, two-hand turn!
Leading up the middle
Gettin' jiggy wit it

1st couples leading down
Well done, Dutch skippers. As I mentioned to one of you, if you watch the YouTube videos, it's pretty easy to see folks messing up left and right, so I think we were doing pretty well! Now, if we only had a gif of Katie doing the "set" step...

Waiting for Mr. Right in a borrowed dress

Debating whether to bring Danelle again, since she always wins the prize drawing
Linda shouting dance tips from the sidelines
No dripping candle wax here
Thank you again for coming and for reading! If you enjoy the adventures of Frederick and Elfrida, be sure to leave a review and pass it along to a friend!


  1. Mr. Right never showed that night - but I LOVED the new book - so the evening was a big success from my view. Finished A Very Plain Young Man in 24 hours! Thanks, Christina, for your fun voice that comes through your characters and the fun you bring to your launch parties. Every book you write becomes my new favorite!

    1. Woo hoo!!! So glad you had a good time, and even gladder that you enjoyed the new book. Music to my ears. Thank you for reading and for your encouragement.