Friday, September 30, 2016

Native Sons: Literary Night 2016

For those of you looking for some good, themed reading, here's the heads-up on this year's Literary Night. A month to go! Plenty of time to read two of the three books.


I've had a ball re-reading Richard Wright's powerful Native Son and Philipp Meyer's almost equally enthralling (if over-sexed) The Son. Great stuff about America--who owns it, who inherits it, who belongs, what gets passed on. Issues especially interesting in this testy election year.

We'll also be talking about HAMILTON, mainly the musical, although I did wade through the most excellent bio by Ron Chernow, as has Scott. (I'd recommend that book to you, too, if you have a few months of dedicated reading time to spare. It's about as long as Doris Kearns Goodwin's Team of Rivals. Wonderful stuff.) I'm excited to say Scott and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary two years late by going to New York City to see the musical live and in-person. The big stars may be gone, but judging from video of a high-school version I've seen, the show shines no matter who's performing it. Can't wait! (If I don't get lazy, I'll post about it later.)

And then there's The Godfather, Parts I and II, which will get some air time. More "native sons" making their way in America.

Hope you can join us this year. And, seriously, if you're wondering what to read next, give Wright and Meyer a spin.

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