Monday, December 14, 2009

Goodwill toward Men

I was at the local Goodwill last week checking out the book section, and I'm happy to report that no one has yet dared to Goodwill their signed copy of MOURNING BECOMES CASSANDRA. If they had, however, I planned on buying it back and recycling it as a review copy. Two people are trying to dump theirs on Amazon, but short of buying the books myself, I can't find out who is committing this sacrilege. One vendor notes "possible inscription." Yeah, thus: "My darling So-and-So: Please accept this humble offering of my eternal affection for you. How I treasure our friendship, etc. Love, Christina. XOXOXO. BFF. K.I.T."

There's a story of George Bernard Shaw wandering the bookstalls of London and discovering--lo!--a signed copy of his work that he had lovingly bequeathed to a friend. He re-purchased the cast-off item and gave it to the friend AGAIN, inscribing it, "To So-and-So, with my RENEWED esteem."

Anyhow, I did pick up PREP by Curtis Sittenfeld, which reviewer Tom Perrotta promises me is "funny, excruciatingly honest, improbably sexy, and studded with hard-won, eccentric wisdom about high school, heartbreak, and social privilege." So far I'm still in the squirmy, excruciatingly honest parts (the protagonist is SO awkward! I was no Homecoming Queen, but even I want to give her a behavior makeover), but I am soldiering on since Tom has promised so much. Will keep you posted.

Several publishers have reported that they'll delay release of best-selling books in e-format until after the hardcovers have a chance to make a killing, in the hopes of maintaining the highest possible profit margins for the longest possible time. Anyone know anyone who actually buys hardcover adult books? Every single hardcover in my library was either (1) a gift with an inscription that could not be Goodwilled without heavy guilt, or (2) bought used, years after the publication date. Hardbacks at Goodwill only set you back $2.99! This is your chance to read THE FIRM, if, like me, you've somehow managed never to read the book or see the movie. Jean Auel's PLAINS OF PASSAGE? In stock now!

Let me know if there are any ancient bestsellers you'd like me to pick up for you, next time I'm out.

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