Friday, December 11, 2009

Parkplace and Buying Independent

Many thanks to Parkplace Books in Kirkland for hosting Cass and me last night. Owners Rebecca and Mary were very gracious and welcoming, and Rebecca gave an inspiring speech about the value of buying even one book this Christmas NOT off Amazon, to support your local, independent retailer. If the publishing industry has been all gloom and doom this year, the independent bookstores have also been feeling the pain, and I'm glad, in my teeny-tiny way, to be helping them. If you're in Kirkland tonight (12/11), stop by the store for their holiday open house: wassail, wine, local authors!

It's been a highly educational year for me--one friend said yesterday that I remind her of one of those one-man-band guys, since I had to write, publish, launch, and market MOURNING BECOMES CASSANDRA all by my lonesome--but it's also been tremendous fun. Most self-published books apparently sell 75-100 copies on average (depending, I imagine, on the author's particular number of extended family members), so I'm thrilled to be topping 700, not including the 17 copies I somehow managed to lose when I dropped the inventory-management ball. It's not the NY Times Bestseller List, but it has managed to get me into the black--another unexplored territory for most self-published authors.

So many, many thanks to all my readers (which group apparently does not include the one agent who has sat on my full manuscript for 3+ months now).

Now if I can just get started on my long-delayed Christmas shopping!


  1. Congrats on the success of your book, Christina, and thanks for solving the mystery of where Greg went! Somehow I never knew.

  2. You're my hero. Seriously. You inspired me to sell 30 books instead of 10 and I know I could go further, but I'm just not as one-man-band as you. Kudos!