Thursday, December 10, 2009

One of These Is Not Like the Other

***Last Book Event of 2009 at Parkplace Books Kirkland tonight (12/10), 7:00P! Come see me and pick up a gift***

If you live in suburbia (or urbia), you've been to Southern Living parties. You've been to Pampered Chef, you've been to CAbi, Cookie Lee, and maybe even a Longaberger party. Last night was a new variation for me: a Baskets and Books party. These baskets came from Rwanda, and the books from me.

Let me just say, the Rwanda Basket Company is a hard act to follow. Not only are the baskets hand-crafted and beautiful, the whole company is "a poverty reduction program of Rwanda Partners...working to change the lives of impoverished weavers in Rwanda by providing them with the training, tools and support needed to sell their baskets in the west." Rwanda is close to our hearts. My husband has visited twice, always moved and amazed by the power of forgiveness in lives changed by the genocide. Our church helped finance the Center for Champions, which gives 200 street kids a home and education, while impacting the lives of hundreds more in the community.

Anywho...after this heart-tugging presentation, I was up next, to plug the "Books" portion of the evening. MOURNING BECOMES CASSANDRA, the amazing cause that finances...the Dudleys' dwindling savings account. Since a portion of the Dudley savings has gone to supporting Rwanda Partners' projects, maybe my book could be looked at as unwieldy overhead on an otherwise admirable enterprise.

Thankfully, there was another bridge between the two portions of the evening: the former Director of Eastside Academy (the school which inspired Camden School in MBC) now works for Rwanda Basket Company, and it was awfully fun to read aloud parts with the character Mark Henneman, who is ever-so-not-very-loosely based on this fellow. Fun also to swap memories of one of the students on whom Nadina is ever-so-not-very-loosely based.

Where am I going with all this? Let's just say that, last night was great, and, with my usual lack of shame, I am willing to be tacked on to anyone's party: Southern Living & Books, Creative Memories & Books, Passion Party & Books. Free book to the hostess!

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