Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yes, But What Does He Know about Fashion?

We were watching a PROJECT RUNWAY episode from Season Five last night via Netflix, and who should the guest judge be but Apolo Anton Ohno? It was like running into a boyfriend you're not quite over because there was no closure because things ended so horribly.

Here it is Tuesday, and I am not over the Men's Short-Track 500M Medal Final. I managed to survive Bode Miller and Lindsey Vonn petering out. The dreadful Men's Hockey Final nearly did me in, but I pulled through. No, it's that stupid Short-Track 500. Was it all the footage of Charles Hamelin's stressed-out girlfriend that set me off? Was it that Hamelin's little brother managed to get J. R. Celski DQed? Was it that Tremblay had to go and collapse when Apolo gave him the friendly, hey-I'm-passing-your-sorry-behind pat? Was it that the name "Tremblay" is more befitting a fawn learning to walk than an Olympic medalist?

All of the above. And more.

How soul-soothing to watch Apolo rate the Runway contestants' offerings. The challenge: create an outfit for a female Olympian to wear for the Opening Ceremony at a Summer Olympics. Some guest judges are shrinking violets, but not our Apolo. He had opinions: "I love the colors that you used. I thought it just really popped" and "It looks very American, and that's important" or, alternatively, "I wasn't able to get anything Olympic out of the outfit. There's just nothing athletic about it."

So, yeah, he didn't get a repeat gold on the 500M, but I'd like to see Lee Ho-Suk duke it out with Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, or Charles Hamelin try to Dance with the Stars. And just don't get me started on Tremblay.

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  1. Love your post, Christina! You've tapped into the deep wellspring of my post-Olympics ennui. Blessings on you today.

    --Randy Working